Rocket Mesh Lacrosse

Rocket Mesh Lacrosse

There is a new lacrosse company based out of Maryland called Rocket Mesh Lacrosse.  Rocket Mesh Lacrosse produces mesh, performance buttends and carbon fiber shafts.  There mesh is produced in three different types: elite semi-hard, elite semi-soft and elite soft mesh.  The performance buttends are called tapesaver, performance and fire hydrant.  While their carbon fiber shafts come in four types: Epoxi, Galileo, Maven and Suzuka.

We first saw them on Instagram showcasing their performance buttends and mesh.  Their performance buttends come in a multitude of colors.  The performance buttends are great and save you on tape.  Their mesh is created from Dyneema Mesh which is known as the world’s strongest fiber.  It also has maximum strength with minimum weight.  Rocket Mesh is easy to break in and use.  Their mesh also has hydrophobic properties which allows the mesh to not absorb water.  Rocket Mesh also coats their mesh with a special polymer, this polymer gives their mesh the perfect blend of speed and feel.  Their elite soft mesh is recommended for youth players, their semi-soft mesh is recommended for all players at all levels, while their semi-hard mesh is recommended for advanced players .  Rocket Mesh Lacrosse’s carbon fiber shafts come in different shapes and textures.  The Epoxi has an octagonal or old school shape.  The Galileo, the Maven and the Suzuka have a concave shape.  All of their carbon fiber shafts come in either a smooth texture or sandpaper texture, and they all weigh in between 145 and 155 grams.

The reason why Rocket Mesh Lacrosse came to fruition is because as fathers of lacrosse players they weren’t happy with the mesh on the market.  They wanted to create a mesh that wouldn’t bag out, as well as soak in water.  Being engineers they decided to create their own lacrosse mesh to help out their young lacrosse players.  After they created their mesh they moved into the performance buttends, and then the carbon fiber shafts.  All the products are very affordable which is what Rocket Mesh Lacrosse wants to accomplish.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on some Rocket Mesh Lacrosse mesh and some of their performance buttends.  The mesh was super easy to string as well as break in.  We strung up a True Lacrosse Frequency with Rocket Mesh elite semi-soft mesh.  After stringing the mesh into the lacrosse head, the break in was easy.  We were playing catch and shooting with the Frequency in a matter of minutes.  It has great hold and a smooth release.  We also got our hands on a blue, a yellow and a white performance buttend.  These performance buttends are great and helps use less tape.  All it takes is a little bit of tape in the bottom of the buttend and it stays on the bottom of your handle.  Overall we were impressed with the products we tested from Rocket Mesh Lacrosse.  After talking with them I understand where their passion for creating great lacrosse products comes from.  We are looking forward to see what they come out with next.


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