Review of Maverik Lacrosse M4 Gloves

The newest Maverik Lacrosse glove on the market is the M4.  We saw the M4 gloves this summer featured on Maverik Lacrosse athletes in the MLL.  The M4 glove is next in line after the Max glove, which was a huge hit last spring.  We have already seen this glove on numerous college teams this fall and it should be on all of the Maverik Lacrosse sponsored teams this spring.

The features of the new M4 glove are an Ax Suede palm, Anaform, Sharkgel, Flow Cool technology and a 37.5 liner.  The Ax Suede palm is soft and durable to the feel.  The palm also features mesh in key parts of the palm.  We see mesh on the middle of the fingers and on the palm.  This helps give the M4 great feel when gripping your lacrosse handle  Anaform is a technology that is used in key zones across the thumb and the back of the M4 glove.  Anaform provides slash protection while maintaining flexibility and mobility.  The Sharkgel technology is visible on the thumb of the M4 glove.  It is a proprietary gel technology that turns hard as steel when impacted  It then remains flexible when it’s not impacted.  The M4 glove has Flow Cool technology which allows heat to disperse on the back of the hand.  A 37.5 liner is featured in the M4 glove as well, which allows for faster sweat evaporation.

The M4 glove is a great glove from Maverik Lacrosse.  We were able to review a couple pairs of custom M4 gloves.  We got to review an M4 goalie glove in Boston Cannons colorway with their logo on the cuff, as well as a non-goalie M4 glove in Ohio Machine colorway with their logo on the cuff.  When you first put on the M4 glove it feels like you are not even wearing a glove.  They are lightweight, but protective as well as flexible.  The M4 gloves don’t have that stiff feeling that some gloves have out of the box.  These gloves had a broken in feel to them right away.  They felt great while both shooting and playing catch.  The goalie version of the M4 glove features Torque Loc on each thumb.  This helps protect the goalies thumb from hyper extension and high velocity impacts.  Overall, we highly recommend the Maverik Lacrosse M4 glove, whether you are a goalie or a field player.  The M4 is a solid and reliable lacrosse glove.

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