Review of Maverik Lacrosse Kinetik Head

The newest Maverik Lacrosse head is the Kinetik.  The Kinetik like all other heads in the Maverik line are made in the USA.  This new Maverik head is the lightest in their line.

The features of the Kinetik lacrosse head are a Level 4 Bottom Rail, Duratough material, X-Rail Technology, and new features Optimal Release Point and Tension Lock.  The Level 4 Bottom Rail allows the Kinetik to have a mid-high pocket.  Which means that this head is designed for the offensive minded player.  We can attest after stringing up the Kinetik that it truly does have a mid-high pocket.  This makes this head perfect for attackman.  The Duratough material has been seen in the more recent Maverik lacrosse heads like the Tactik and Centrik which increases stiffness and provides consistency in all weather conditions.  This has been a trend the past few years with lacrosse manufacturers of making their lacrosse heads consistent in all weather conditions.  As we reside in New England a lacrosse head made for all weather conditions is key.  X-Rail technology is engineered to distribute stress from one rail to the opposite rail which creates a lightweight and stiff design.  This helps with the head not to bend or warp.  The new features of the Kinetik lacrosse head, the Optimal Release Point and the Tension Lock are fantastic.  The Optimal Release Point helps increase control with added hold and offers extreme energy transfer when shooting.  The Tension Lock or Tension defined channel is a great new feature of the Kinetik lacrosse head.  This feature allows stringings to precisely locate a defined shooting channel which increases  accuracy of the pocket.  With the new pocket rules, have a Tension Lock is great.  This allows to the Kinetik to have a nice channel and a legal pocket.

The Kinetik lacrosse head compared to other Maverik lacrosse heads is a step up in technology and overall design.  The Kinetik lacrosse heads face is tighter than the Tactik lacrosse head.  The tighter face makes it great for feeding and shooting.  Again, this is lacrosse head is geared towards the offensive minding player.  The Kinetik lacrosse head comes in four different colors: white, hyperlight blue, black, and gray.  We were excited to see this head this summer in the MLL and we even more excited to get our hands on the Kinetik.  The Kinetik is a great head and another great lacrosse product from Maverik Lacrosse.

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