Maverik Tactik Review

One of the newer lacrosse heads on the market is the Tactik by Maverik Lacrosse. When you first look at this lacrosse head it looks like a combination of the Centrik and Optik lacrosse heads produced by Maverik. It has the same face shape, as well as similar features to both lacross heads. The Tactik has a sidewall design that resembles the Optik. That is where any similarities to the other Maverik Lacrosse heads stop. The Tactik is lighter then both the Optik and Centrik. It has less plastic on the front of the throat and the side, which helps with weight reduction. New materials and technology went into the design of the Tactik. It features Duratough which will help the lacrosse head stay consistent in all weather conditions. It also features a Level 3 bottom rail and utilizes Xrail Technology. The Level 3 bottom rail helps create a mid pocket, while the Xrail Technology helps with distribution of stress when catching and shooting. The new materials and technology used in the Tactik separate it from the other Maverik lacrosse heads, and makes it one of the best lacrosse heads on the market in 2017.

Maverik Tactik

The Maverik Tactik is a very good lacrosse head. If you have been following college lacrosse this spring it is the lacrosse head of choice of Maverik sponsored teams. The Tactik is a lacrosse head that can be used by an attackman and midfielders. The lacrosse head has plenty of holes in the sidewall to string a great pocket. The Level 3 bottom rail helps in the creation of a mid pocket. We strung up our Tactik with Stringers Shack G3 mesh. This is been my go to mesh the past couple of seasons. We used 1 nylon and two laces in the stringing of our Tactik. Any way you want to string the Tactik is up to the user, but with all the holes in the sidewalls you will be able to find the right setup for you. This lacrosse head strung up beautifully and easily, and was ready right out of the gate. I was firing on our goalies during pre-game warmups the same day it was strung up. Another solid lacrosse product from the folks over at Maverik Lacrosse.