StringKing Metal 2 Review

StringKing has released a new set of lacrosse handles for the 2017 lacrosse season. The Metal 2 line is the latest offering from StringKing. The Metal 2 handles come in different weights, which are geared towards different aged lacrosse players. The weights that the Metal 2 handles are available in are 125, 135, 145, 155, and 165 grams. Again each Metal 2 handle depending on its weight, is geared towards a different aged lacrosse player. Just because the handles are different weights it doesn’t change what the handle offers the lacrosse player that is using it.

The StringKing Metal 2 handles are created using next generation alloy. This allows the handles to be durable and lighter. They feature double taper technology. The double taper technology creates a stick check zone and a cross check zone. This allows the Metal 2 handles to be stronger in the areas with the handles commonly break. The shape of the handles are a traditional shape. This gives good grip on the handle when shooting, passing and scooping groundballs. A great little feature for the Metal 2 handles is the option of using a traditional rubber butt end or using an end cap. The end cap has become common place with some lacrosse handles over the past few season. The StringKing end cap inserts into the end of the handle, it stays in during play and it saves a few grams of weight off the handle.

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We tested a black Metal 2 handle with our gray Mark 2V lacrosse head. The weight of the Metal 2 handle we tested was the 155 gram handle.  The feel of the handle is great, it gave us good grip when scooping, passing and shooting.  Overall a great handle, which we highly recommend.