StringKing Mark 2V Head Review

One of the newest lacrosse heads for the 2017 season is the StringKing Mark 2V. This is the next lacrosse head in the Mark line. StringKing’s first lacrosse head was the Mark 1, while the Mark 2V is their second, and the Mark 2D is their third.

The Mark 2V is built for the offensive minded lacrosse player. Since this head is designed for the offensive minded lacrosse player it would make sense to be a stringers dream. With that in mind the StringKing Mark 2V has 29 stringing holes on each sidewall. With that many stringing holes, the pocket designs are unimaginable. A lot of lacrosse heads on the market are being designed with a certain pocket in mind, while the Mark 2V has enough stringing holes to created your own design. This lacrosse head is also a groundball machine. The scoop of the Mark 2V features rounded edges, an aggressive forward angle which guides loose balls into the head and it has an ultra-stiff construction which gives the player more power as well as better accuracy and consistency. We particularly liked the ultra-stiff construction of the Mark 2V. Lately we have tested a few lacrosse heads that bent and moved a bit too much. The ultra-stiff construction gave us better control when passing and shooting as well as when scooping groundballs. We felt like the lacrosse head was more responsive to us overall. The Mark 2V has a great balance of strength, control and accuracy. This is what makes the Mark 2V a great lacrosse head for the offensive minded player.

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A new feature of the Mark 2V lacrosse head is the Locking Bolt. The Locking Bolt stops lacrosse head rattle between the lacrosse head and the lacrosse handle. The Locking Bolt goes through the front of the lacrosse head and the lacrosse handle and you still attach the screw through the back of the lacrosse head and lacrosse handle. This gives the Mark 2V a more secure fit and eliminates the dreaded rattle. The StringKing Metal2 handles all feature a hole in the front and back of the handles, to accommodate the Locking Bolt.

We were lucky enough to test a gray StringKing Mark 2V lacrosse head. When we first saw the head, we could see the differences between the Mark 1 and the Mark 2V. When most manufacturers create the next generation of a lacrosse head, there are always going to be changes for the better. The changes they made in the Mark 2V are outstanding. The 29 stringing holes, the ultra-stiff construction, and the Locking Bolt to just name a few. The Mark 2V looks thinner and is lighter then its predecessor the Mark 1.  With all next generation heads in a line, the 2nd iteration has small changes which are for the best.  The Mark 2V strung up great, and it threw like a dream as soon as it was strung up. Again, we would recommend this lacrosse head to the offensive minded player. It is a great lacrosse head whether you are a midfielder or an attackman. We highly recommend the StringKing Mark 2V lacrosse head if you are in the market for a new lacrosse head this 2017 season.