Review of True Comp SF 4.0 Handle

The True Comp SF 4.0 is a composite handle. The handle utilizes True’s SmartPly and SmartFlex technologies. SmartPly was created by the engineers at True and it features fiber angles and the order of those angles are then optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single handle. This technology is what gives the Comp SF 4.0 its unmatched weight, balance and industry leading impact strength. SmartFlex gives you control of the handle. It changes the stiffness of the handle and it allows the handle to flex in all of the right places. True offers flex of 6 and 9 with their Comp SF 4.0 handles. The handle we tested had a flex of 9. Which we first thought would be a lot of flex but after playing with it, it was just right. While passing and shooting you can feel it flex but it almost helps when passing and shooting. It flexes but then it flexes back into shape when you follow through. We were impressed with the flex in the Comp SF 4.0. The handle has a nice feel and shape to it as well. The feel isn’t smooth, which helps in feeling the handle. True calls the feel, Fine Texture. Fine Texture gives the handle a nice grip. The shape of the Comp SF 4.0 is very similar to a traditional shape lacrosse handle. The shape of the handle feels great in your hands when passing, shooting and cradling. We tested a red Comp SF 4.0 handle.  It has minimal graphics which was nice. It features the True logo and Comp SF 4.0 on one side, and a white stripe the entire length of the handle on the other side. We have tested composite handles in the past and this is a great composite handle. This is a handle we would highly recommend.