Review of True Frequency Universal Lacrosse Head

Some of you may know True as a lacrosse handle manufacturer.  They started out making lacrosse handles for other lacrosse company’s, then a few years ago they created their own lacrosse handles.  We were lucky enough back then to test their alloy and composite lacrosse handles.  This past summer True produced their Frequency line, which features arm pads, shoulder pads, gloves and lacrosse heads.  We tested the Frequency Universal lacrosse head and a COMP SF 4.0 lacrosse head.  Here are thoughts on the True Frequency Universal lacrosse head.

The first thing we noticed about the Frequency lacrosse head was the amount of stringing holes this lacrosse head had.  After looking at them we realized they were different shapes, different sizes and the placement of them seemed to be spot on to help create the pocket of your dreams.  When talking about pockets we have to talk about the sidewalls and the scoop angles.  Those two work in unison to help in that pocket placement as well as hold and ball release.  The Frequency lacrosse head also features a bottom rail with a mid/high transition point.  This transition point is basically the top ¼ of the Frequency.  Each of their lacrosse heads features a different transition point depending of which lacrosse head you have.  We also noticed triangles all over this lacrosse head.  We first noticed the triangle shaped side wall rails which work with inverted cut outs in the side wall to reduce weight and increase strength.  The triangle geometry that they use in the Frequency gives it optimal strength and stiffness, while still allowing you to feel the ball in the lacrosse head.  The triangle shaped side wall rails also give it an appealing look as well.  Other features of the Frequency lacrosse head are the T on the top and bottom of the scoop.  The lacrosse head also has texture in the side walls which makes it aesthetically pleasing as well as helps keep the ball in the lacrosse heads pocket.


Overall thoughts on the True Frequency Universal lacrosse head is that it is a very solid lacrosse head.  The Universal is made of the midfielder in our minds.  While having a mid to high release point, as well as good strength and stiffness it is a midfielders dream.  The other Frequency heads are geared towards attackman and defenseman.  The Frequency was easy to string up and was usable right away.  We would highly recommend this lacrosse head to any midfielder looking for a new lacrosse head for the 2017 season.