Maverik Lacrosse Mission Blank Handle Review

Another innovated product from Maverik Lacrosse is their Mission Blank handle. The innovated part of the Mission Blank handle is that it has no logo’s or graphics. Which in this day and age is unheard of. All manufacturers or companies want their logo or graphic on the product, it is free advertising for them. Maverik Lacrosse on the other hand would rather create a great product with no logo’s or graphics. This is almost a throwback to lacrosse handles when I played. Our lacrosse handles back then only had the name of the lacrosse company and the logo’s were small. It wasn’t until the mid 2000’s we started seeing graphics up and down lacrosse handles.

The Mission Blank handle is a scandium alloy with a traditional shape. The scandium alloy is lightweight and strong, while the traditional shape is a throwback to older lacrosse handles. The grip of the Mission Blank is bead blasted. This gives the handle a good grip in warm and cold weather. It does feature the ABE+. The ABE+ is the next generation of the ABE, it features a silicone liner for added stability but it is still adjustable.

The Mission Blank handle by Maverik Lacrosse is a great lacrosse handle. It is strong, lightweight and it features no logo’s or graphics. We tested and reviewed a silver handle and it matched great with out Navy Tactik head. If you are looking for a no nonsense lacrosse handle with no logo’s or graphics check out the Mission Blank handle. This lacrosse handle will not disappoint.