Maverik Lacrosse A1 Handle Review

Maverik Lacrosse has redesigned their A1 lacrosse handle for 2017.  The A1 still features the speed shape and it is still made out of Scandium alloy.  A couple of new features on the A1 for 2017 is the GritGrip technology and the ABE+.

The speed shape of the A1 lacrosse handle is great.  It helps give natural spots for placement of fingers and thumbs when passing and catching as well as shooting.  The Scandium alloy makes it a very light lacrosse handle but also very strong.  Maverik has made the A1 with a thinner wall thickness, which gives it a lightweight feel.  The GritGrip technology gives the handle grip in all weather conditions.  The handle it self has little triangles all over, which give it a grit feel.  The GritGrip allows for you to use less tape, which keeps the handle light.  The A1 also features the new ABE+.  The ABE+ is the new version of the ABE, the new version features a silicone liner that adds stability to the ABE+.  Overall, the ABE and the ABE+ are one of the best new features on a lacrosse handle.  We first saw the ABE two seasons ago, and it just keeps getting better.

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The A1 lacrosse handle features simple graphics and logos.  We tested a navy A1 handle, that has a white A1 logo about ¾ up the handle on either side, then it features the Maverik logo about ¼ up the from the bottom of the handle.  Again, very simple, subtle and not overwhelming.

If you are an offensive minded midfielder or an attackman, this is the lacrosse handle for you.  The A1 is light, strong and it has a great shape.