Maverik Lacrosse Hyperlite Handle Review

The Hyperlite lacrosse handle is a carbon fiber handle from Maverik Lacrosse.  The lacrosse market has been flooded as of late with carbon fiber handles.  So, what makes the Hyperlite stand out among the other carbon fiber handles.  It has a traditional shape, features GritGrip and the ABE.  The Hyperlite also weighs in at 5 ounces.

The shape of the Hyperlite is the traditional shape, which is your basic octagon shape.  These are the shapes of lacrosse handles which I grew up playing with.  The GritGrip technology gives the handle a nice feel, the GritGrip is great in all conditions.  It also allows for less tape, which as we know, tape adds weight to lacrosse handles.  If your handle is weighing in at 5 ounces why add any additional weight.  The Hyperlite also features the ABE, which is an Adjustable Butt End.  Maverik has gone away from the traditional rubber butt end and gone with the ABE.  The ABE allows the player to place the ABE anywhere on the handle.  Then just add tape on it, or around it and you are good to go.  The Hyperlite weighs in at 5 ounces, but the handle is still very stiff.  The stiffness of the Hyperlite maintains a consistent release with added power transfer, according to Maverik.

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The Hyperlite was made for the offensive player looking for a lightweight handle.  This handle doesn’t disappoint in that category.  This a great handle for offensive players at all levels, whether it be youth, high school or college.