Wolf Athletics Rekon Head Review

Wolf Athletics is the lacrosse company that brought you the Ghost lacrosse shaft.  It is a lacrosse shaft made out of polycarbonate.  The amount of flex and bend this lacrosse shaft has it unbelieveable.  The Ghost also comes with a 5 year warranty.  Check out the video below to see the flex and bend of the Ghost lacrosse shaft.

Wolf Athletics has also produced a lacrosse head called the Rekon.  We got our hands on the Rekon and here are our thoughts.  First thing we noticed was the shape of the lacrosse head.  It has a good size throat and a nice curved scoop.  The Rekon also has 19 holes on each sidewall which make it a stringers dream.  The weight of the lacrosse head was also impressive, according to Wolf Athletics it weighs in at 4.55 ounces.  We also liked the sidewalls with the triangle design.  Little did we know that those triangles are there to provide strength and stiffness for the Rekon.  Those triangles are strategically placed to allow the Rekon to be strong and stiff in all the right places.  The texture of the sidewall is an ultra-matte finish which will help keep the sidewalls in place.  While the sidewall stanchions are a mix of matte and gloss for aesthetics.

While stringing the Rekon up the 19 sidewall holes were great.  It allows you to be able to string any type of pocket that you want.  That was the goal for Wolf Athletics, they wanted each lacrosse player to string the pocket of their choice in the Rekon.  They didn’t want to force a lacrosse player to have to string a certain type of pocket.  We also like their Lockdown Topstring.  This is where the holes in the top rail force the string to tighten near the bottom of the top rail.  Were this allows the top string to be more consistent while using less strength.

Once strung up, the first thing we noticed was the smooth release of the Rekon.  The release was also very consistent.  That goes back to their mesh, Aura.  When scooping balls the curved scoop made it easy to pick them up.  They specifically designed the curved scoop for all groundball performance regards of technique.  We love when a lacrosse head is able to perform great right out of the box.

The Wolf Athletics Rekon came when an Aura Kit, which features mesh, Spectra sidewalls and Kwik tips.  The mesh is great, we were able to instantly break in our new pocket on the Rekon.  Which allowed us to test the Rekon right away.  The Aura kit, according to Wolf Athletics is the lightest kit on the market right now.  It also doesn’t stretch, which is perfect for consistency.  Because honestly who hates when a pocket stretches out after a few uses.  The Spectra sidewalls are great, they are strong and allow for tight knots when stringing the sidewall for the Rekon.  The Kwik tips are a device which you slide over your topstring, sidewall string, and shooting strings that won’t allow them to fray.  Which means no more burning the end of your strings.

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Overall we were impressed with the Wolf Athletics Rekon lacrosse head.  It is very good, it will work at all levels, and we like that we can string any type of pocket we want.  As a midfielder I think it is a solid lacrosse head for that position, but we also think it can be used by attackman or defenders.  Great lacrosse head right out of the box.  If you are in the market for a new lacrosse head, we recommend checking out the Wolf Athletics Rekon lacrosse head.  The Rekon will not disappoint you.