Review of the Epoch Lacrosse Hawk Prequel

The Hawk Prequel is the 3rd lacrosse head produced by Epoch Lacrosse. It is part of the Birds of Prey series, following the Hawk and the Sequel. The main features of the Hawk Prequel are its Curved Profile, it’s FlexiQ, it’s 7.4 Lie and the fact that it is made in the USA. It is also a universal spec lacrosse head which means it is playable for all levels.

What the Curved Profile does for the Hawk Prequel, is that it builds upon the Laid Back Profile and creates a new hybrid design. The Laid Back Profile helps keep the ball tucked under the strings when cradling and dodging. This helps with release point and improved ball trajectory versus that of a conventional offset head. The Hawk Prequel was designed for a mid pocket as well as for a one-handed cradler. A mid pocket will help give you a quicker release when both shooting and passing as well as give superior ball control. The Hawk Prequel also features a 7.4 lie. Epoch Lacrosse’s definition of Lie is “the distance the scoop lies from the center axis of the shaft”. When compared to the Hawk Sequel which has a lie of 9, the Hawk Prequel’s is less. It also has a FlexiQ of 3. Epoch uses a FlexiQ scale from 1-10, with 10 being the stiffest. With the Hawk Prequel being a 3, the head does have flex to it, but it isn’t super stiff like other lacrosse heads on the market.

Stringing the Hawk Prequel was easy. There are plenty of holes in each sidewall that allowed me to string the head to my liking. I used a teal dyed DMG Mesh in our Hawk Prequel. The Hawk Prequel is designed to give you a mid pocket. As a midfielder having a mid pocket is great, it gives good hold while cradling but also allows for a quick release on passes and shots. The Curved Profile also allows for a little deeper pocket.

Some other subtle features of the Hawk Prequel are the Epoch E’s featured on the front throat of the head, as well as each side of the throat. The side of the throat also features their motto, Live.Play.Be on one side, as well as a made in the USA stamp on the other. Again, simple design with simple logos.

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After using the Hawk Prequel for some wall ball and then at the Vikings Lacrosse Camp. I have nothing but great things to say about the lacrosse head. Whether it was playing wall ball or playing catch with our younger campers, the ball release was the same each time. My passes were on target each time, and my shooting was on point each time as well. The Hawk Prequel is a well designed head, with the pocket in mind when it was created. This is a great stick for lacrosse players at all levels and all offensive positions. Overall, a great lacrosse head and we highly recommend the Epoch Lacrosse Hawk Prequel.