StringKing Lacrosse Mark 1 Review

The Mark 1 is the first lacrosse head from StringKing Lacrosse.  StringKing Lacrosse first hit the market a few years back with lacrosse mesh.  They expanded on the lacrosse mesh, with top string, side wall string, as well as shooters.  Their mesh comes in two different types, as well as goalie mesh.  They than expanded into the market of lacrosse shafts and lacrosse heads.  They first releases their Metal line of lacrosse shafts, than they released the Mark 1 lacrosse head.  The Mark 1 can be purchased as a stand alone head or as a complete stick.


We were impressed with the Mark 1 as soon as we took it out of the box.  We had read articles and reviews about the Mark 1, and it definitely lived up to the hype.  The main features of the StringKing Lacrosse Mark 1 are: ultra-stiff construction, aggressive scoop, pocket-driven design, as well as a simple design.  The ultra-stiff construction helps prevent the Mark 1 from flexing when passing and shooting.  While the aggressive scoop gives it a forward tilt and a rounded scoop. This helps scooping up ground balls easily.  Because they got started in producing mesh of course the Mark 1 would have a pocket-driven design.  It is designed for mid-low to mid-high pocket.  If you need help in stringing a mid-low or a mid-high pocket, check out their uSTRING section of their website.  The final feature of the Mark 1 is its simple design.  The sidewall design creates a lightweight, stiff and durable head.  It also comes in white, black, and gray.

StringKing Lacrosse is also giving back and helping grow the game of the lacrosse.  They have a program where for every StringKing complete stick sold they will donate one to a youth lacrosse program in need.  We think this is a great program, and it definitely shows that they want to grow the game of lacrosse at all levels.


Stringing the Mark 1 was a breeze.  It has plenty of sidewall holes, which allows you to create the pocket you desire.  It features 6 holes on the scoop so that you can string the perfect top string.  The Mark 1 is designed to have a mid pocket, and while stringing the Mark 1 that pocket definitely shows up in the end.  As a midfielder having a mid pocket is a good thing, it allows for great cradling but also allows for a quick release when passing and shooting.

After using the Mark 1 at lacrosse practice I was extremely impressed with the lacrosse head.  This lacrosse head definitely has a lot of research and testing behind it.  The Mark 1 compares to most of the lacrosse heads on the market right now.  I can’t wait to see how it holds up in game situations, but just using it warming up our goalies I was impressed.  Overall a very solid lacrosse head from StringKing Lacrosse.  If you are in the market for a new lacrosse head we recommend checking out the StringKing Lacrosse Mark 1 lacrosse head.