Epoch Commercial During Halftime of “Big Game”

Roseville, MN – Sunday during halftime of the “Big Game” Epoch Lacrosse will debut its first 30-second commercial titled “Birds of Prey” on its YouTube channel.  Be sure to tune in and watch, you will not be disappointed.

In the Summer of 2016, Epoch will continue to push the boundaries of lacrosse innovation with the release of another new head.   “We wanted to give you a sneak peak during halftime of the Big Game because while we all think football is fine we are really thinking about the lacrosse season and how we can’t wait to roll out the balls and start playing,” said James Miceli, principal and founder of Epoch Lacrosse.

This season will be the most important of your career and this summer is your opportunity to get noticed.  At Epoch your passion to perform on the field fuels our passion for utilizing the latest technology and designs to create the worlds most technologically advanced lacrosse equipment for you, The Player.

“Our engineers have ALL played lacrosse and know what it is like to strap on a helmet or line-up on the end line at the end of practice, added Miceli.  “We are lacrosse players, we are You and we put our heart and soul into the game we love, just like You.”


About Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch Lacrosse delivers the finest manufactured lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world-class materials and manufacturing techniques. Epoch tests and re-tests each of its designs to ensure optimal durability, playability and performance. Epoch’s goal is simple, to give players every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.

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