Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Handle Review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the new Powell Lacrosse products for the 2016 season. First up is our review of the Flight 22 handle. The first thing we noticed was the stiffness of the handle. It reminded me of the old school Brine F15 handles that I used in college. The Flight 22 features a “traditional” octagon shape, which is great and never goes out of style. It feels great in your hands when shooting and cradling. For the Flight 22 being a stiff handle it was very light. It features an ultra lightweight design according to Powell Lacrosse. The handle is made from Powell 7U1 advanced alloy. It is pretty cool to be able to have your own custom alloy to create your line of handles. The handle performed great while passing and shooting. The stiffness in the Flight 22 kept things consistent while passing and shooting.

The colorway we reviewed was the black/white Flight 22. The graphics on the handle are simple, which is great. It features the Powell Lacrosse logo at the top and bottom of the handle. As well as their motto “It’s In The Blood” on the back of the handle at the top. The black color goes from the bottom of the handle, up to about ¼ from the top of the handle, and it says Powell in white on both sides of the handle. The butt end on the Flight 22 is a lot larger than most butt ends on the market. Which in our mind is a good thing. It either gives you a good size numb to hold on to, or a good spot to choke up on the handle. Overall a very solid handle from Powell Lacrosse. I definitely believe that their time spent playing lacrosse together and at a high level helped them when designing these products. We highly recommend the Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 handle if you are in the market for a new lacrosse handle.