Epoch Lacrosse Gen.6 Dragonfly Review

Epoch Lacrosse has just released their Gen.6 Dragonfly handles.  According to Epoch, “the jump from Gen.5 to Gen.6 is the biggest increase in shaft technology Epoch has ever released.”  After testing the C30 and F30 Dragonfly’s I can agree which Epoch that these handles are awesome.  The amount of research and development that was put into these new handles is evident in the product.  The new feature in the Gen.6 Dragonfly handles is the Torque Box.  The Torque Box maintains the continuity of the shaft’s geometry and maximizes energy transfer to the head during a pass or shot.  This new feature is key when passing or shooting.  It helps the handle keep its shape, and makes sure no energy is lost.

C30 Gen.6 Dragonfly

The C30 handle features a concave shape.  The concave shape fits nicely in your hands and is great when cradling, passing or shooting.  The handle once again features slip/grip which is great in bad weather or warm weather.  It helps keep your grip without weighing the handle down with tape.  We testing a C30 with an iQ flex of 5, which is in the middle of the flexes.  The C30 also comes with an iQ flex of 9.  The colors of the Gen.6 line has changed this time around.  The handles are a carbon color, with the Dragonfly name down the front of the handle.  They also feature a 382c pantone color butt end.  The overall feel of the C30 handle is great.  The weight of the handle is just right.  When paired with an Epoch Hawk it is just the right combination.  Again, another solid handle from Epoch Lacrosse and one that we highly recommend.

F30 Gen.6 Dragonfly

The F30 handle is created for the fogo on the lacrosse field.  The big difference in the F30 compared to other handles in the Gen.6 line is the shape of the handle.  The bottom ½ of the handle is a concave shape, while the top 1/2 of the handle has a teardrop shape on the back of the handle.  The teardrop shape is what Epoch calls MotoGrip.  The MotoGrip is designed to maximize clamping power and speed by improving the connection between a player’s hand and shaft.  The MotoGrip portion of the handle is colored in Epoch’s signature 382c pantone, while the rest of the handle is carbon colored.  Having the 382c pantone on the top portion of the handle eliminates the need for tape to show the officials the difference between the head and the handle.  The F30 was designed for the face-off lacrosse player, and it delivers.  It features the Torque Box like all of the new Gen.6 Dragonfly’s and has an iQ flex of 5.  The iQ flex of 5 puts it right in the middle, in terms of flex.  Overall a very solid handle from Epoch Lacrosse.  If you are a fogo and are looking for a new handle that could help you win face-offs, this is the handle for you.  We highly recommend that you check out the F30 Gen.6 Dragonfly handle.

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