Maverik Centrik Head Review

The Centrik by Maverik Lacrosse is their most recent lacrosse head to hit the market.  This is a lacrosse head that can be used by both offensive and defensive players.  The Centrik was designed to give velocity and control for offensive players when passing and shooting, while it’s strength will help out the defensive player.  It’s strength will help when scooping up that ground ball in traffic and also when throwing that take away check at x.  The Centrik is made in the USA just like the last few Maverik lacrosse heads.  A great feature of this head is it’s Level 4 bottom rail.  What the Level 4 bottom rail does is that it helps when stringing the pocket of your Centrik.  It allows for a mid high pocket to be strung, which will aid in hold while cradling and power when passing and shooting.  The Centrik has a 3-Strut design, this 3-Strut design gives the head it’s lightness and strength.  It also has multiple stringing holes so you can create any type of pocket you want.  The throat on the Centrik is visibly narrower compared to other Maverik lacrosse heads.  We tested both a universal and NFHS model of the Centrik.  When we compared the Centrik U to an Optik U, the Centrik had a narrower throat.  According to Maverik the narrow throat will help in control when the ball is in your lacrosse head.  Overall, a very solid lacrosse head from Maverik.  There were a few MLL pro’s using this lacrosse head this summer and we can see why.  We like that it can be used for both offense and defense.  We highly recommend the Maverik Centrik lacrosse head if you are in the market for a new lacrosse head.

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