Paul Rabil Lax Black by EyeBlack

A few weeks back we got to test the Paul Rabil Lax Black produced by EyeBlack. It is eye black that is geared towards lacrosse players. Being former lacrosse players, we know that lacrosse players love their eye black. We have seen the use of eye black increase every year. It started by putting the usual stripes under the eyes, then it went to the triangles, and they at some point the entire cheek got covered in eye black. What most people don’t understand eye black isn’t used as a statement or as intimidation, it is used for a purpose. That purpose is to keep as much sun or sun glare out of our eyes as possible.

The new Paul Rabil Lax Black is doing just that, it is helping to reduce the suns glare. Which will allow you to see better and more clearly while playing lacrosse. It also won’t run off your face. EyeBlack has made the Paul Rabil Lax Black denser and thicker so that it stays on your face. The more eye black that stays on your face, the less sun glare in your eyes. When the eye black stays on your face, it also stays off your uniform, your helmet and your mouth piece. The Paul Rabil Lax Black will not melt in your bag. We all know what melted eye black looks like and how much of a pain it is to clean up. EyeBlack says it won’t melt, which is important while playing in summer tournaments.


The Paul Rabil Lax Black comes in an adjustable tube. That way you can put on as much or as little eye black as you want. After using the Lax Black we could definitely feel the thickness and denseness of it. It did not run off our faces as promised, even though it was very hot and humid. The Lax Black also helped reduce the suns glare. Overall Paul Rabil Lax Black is a very good product. It is great that EyeBlack has marketed it as a lacrosse specific eye black. We loved the product and we highly recommend it to anyone in the market for new eye black.