Neon Bandits

A new lifestyle sock brand based out of Boston. The company was founded by siblings Dan and Sammy Cohen. According to co-founder Dan Cohen, “our socks are the perfect blend between an athletic sock and a dress sock.” Their mantra is: Neon is rare. Bandits are bold. Together, we are bright. The company logo features Ne in a different color, to show the element symbol of Neon.


The Neon Bandit socks are made of 2% spandex, 2% natural latex rubber, 16% polyester, and 80% acrylic. All those numbers add up to one comfortable sock. The socks don’t slip down your leg, they allow your feet to breath and they are very cushiony. The Neon Bandit socks also feature a reinforced heel and toe as well as a mesh arch.

Neon Bandits have three socks on the market right now. The Flip, the Ozz and the Dawson. We were able to get a pair of the Dawson’s. The Dawson’s are black and lime in color. The sock itself is black, the heel and toe are lime, while the arch is a mix of black and lime. It also features a molecular structure design on the front and side of the sock. The Dawson has the Neon Bandits logo across the toes and also on the top of the sock when folded down. There is also a tab on the back top of each sock to let you know that the sock is properly aligned. The tab features the Neon Bandits logo.

The Dawson
The Dawson

The Neon Bandit Dawson sock is a very comfortable sock. It stayed in place while running some shifts at LSM this past week. The sock looks great, feels great and is durable. After wearing it last week in my game, I would highly recommend the Dawson to anyone looking to upgrade their socks.