SpiderMesh and Silk7 Pocket

We’ve been dreaming about this mesh for 5 years.  Regular 10 Diamond mesh that is thin, light, soft, and strong enough to do the voodoo that our Hi-Ball pocket does so well.

And then we went out and had our dream produced: SpiderMesh.

And it’s better than we imagined.  The thinnest mesh ever made, making it the most responsive mesh ever, as in feel, or feedback.  Feedback directly to your brain, which reduces thinking, which is huge!

It’s also superlight, our pieces weighing 14 grams, the lightest in the game.
It’s made from HTP fibers, and is thus weatherproof, retaining it’s shape in wet, hot, cold, whatever conditions.  And it’s soft.  And it’s exactly what we needed to offer
the benefit of the Hi-Ball pocket with ‘regular’ mesh.  Yup, it’s got the competitive advantages of our Hi-Ball Pocket, all of them, including whip-free vertical hold.  Especially when we use our new pocket. the Silk7, highlighted below.


The Silk7 Pocket, below, is, in our less than humble opinion, the greatest regular mesh pocket ever strung. Particularly with lighter, thinner mesh, especially with our new SpiderMesh.  It’s a 10 for Hold, a 10 for Feel, a 10 for Accuracy, and 10 for Awesome.  And it did not come down in last weeks rainstorm.  It took five years, and alot of brainstorms!  The result is a no maintenance holy grail kinda pocket.


The pocket is fully broken in out of the box, and won’t change shape, due to the
High Tenacity Polyester fibers it is made of.
There is not much material, and water shakes off what is there.
It’s an ideal material for an ideal configuration.  The Perfect Set-Up, the Silk7.

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