Gorilla 7 – Triple Threat Lax Shaft

The triple threat Gorilla7 takes carbon composite shafts to a new level in three different ways,  Weight, Flex, and Grip.

Using advanced material’s that include Kevlar rollers from Switzerland, the Gorilla7 is superlight, for greater feel, flex and shot speed. The Grip is simply ‘awesome,’  wherein the shaft has a rough, sand like finish in the three places a player wants grip, and is smooth where your hands make transitions.  In sum, yup, it’s awesome.  For all positions, including X-Men, Goalies, Attackmen and wing middies.


The White part of the Shaft has a sand like grip, and the black is a smooth matte surface.


Rob: “Hey Greg, what animal has the best grip?”
Greg: “The Gorilla.”
Rob:  “Seven.”

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