Fort 7 Goalie Head

The Fort7 takes Goalie heads to a new level. It’s not only superlight and superstiff, it’s got winglets on the scoop to stop more shots, teeth inside the the scoop to clamp more ground balls, and gripper nodes on the throat to reduce head rotation.

Check out the Winglets, which snags more shots, and directs them into the pocket.  The Teeth on the scoop work great too, acting to secure, and then spin the ball into the pocket on rakes.


Prices:  Unstrung Head    $60.00-$65.00
Strung Head        $75.00-$85.00
Complete Stick   $95.00-$115.00


We offer two pockets, using either East Coast Dyes mesh, or MFL Mesh, each of them deep buckets, that use our Silk7 pocket tech to ensure that clearing passes are accurate like a laser, and long, all the way to the other goal long.


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