New England Lacrosse Coaching Changes

Since the lacrosse season ended there have been a good amount of coaching changes in the Division 3 landscape in New England.  It began when Endicott College’s Sean Quirk stepped down and the Gulls quickly hired from within.  They appointed Eric Hagarty as head coach, link here.

At the end of June, Western Connecticut’s Jason Ouellet stepped down.  He will be coaching next spring at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.

Ouellet resigns as Western’s mens lacrosse coach after 10 season

Then this week we saw Lasell’s Tim Dunton step down to take over at Piedmont College in Georgia.

Dunton Named New Head Coach at Piedmont

It looks like both UMass Dartmouth and Wheaton will be looking for new coaches heading into 2016.

With all of this turnover, is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Most of the coaches that have stepped down have 10 plus years at their school.  Does this give a new voice or a new look to these schools?  Does this hurt recruiting for each school not having someone in place for the summer?  You hate to see coaches leave, unless it is their own choice.  Overall I think it will be good having some new, maybe young coaches in Division 3 this spring.  What are you thoughts?