Review of True Alloy 2.0 Handle

Alloy 2.0 Handle

The True Alloy 2.0 handle is a 7075 alloy. It features a SAND BLAST finish. The SAND BLAST finish gives the handle a greater grip and feel. That was definitely one of the first things I noticed about the handle was its grip and feel. The overall weight of the Alloy 2.0 is great, it isn’t heavy but it is also strong. Some manufactures take away strength to make a handle light. The True Alloy 2.0 has a great strength-to-weight ratio. The shape of the handle is a slight concave shape. It feels great in your hands and it is great whether shooting, passing or cradling. We tested a black Alloy 2.0 handle. The graphics on the handle are minimal, which we like. On one side it has the True logo and Alloy 2.0, while the other side features a white stripe the entire length of the handle. Again, simple design, no raised logos for grip, just simple. Overall the True Alloy 2.0 is a very solid handle. It is a handle that can be used by attackman and midfielders, as well as players of all ages. We would definitely recommend this handle.

True Temper Lacrosse

True Temper Lacrosse since 2004 has designed, engineered and manufactured lacrosse handles for the most respected brands in the game. They recently stepped out on their own and they created their own brand. Their brand of lacrosse handles are called True. We we lucky enough to get our hands on their Alloy and Comp handle.