Patriots Themed Lacrosse Head by DMG Lacrosse

Here is another stick strung up by Nick from DMG Lacrosse.  This stick is a New England Patriots inspired design.  The Warrior Rabil X
head was strung for former Melrose goalie and 2014 Middlesex League MVP Goalie Alex Surette!  Here is Nick’s play by play on his design.

We all saw it; it could have gone both ways.  We witnessed the after-shock, and the intensity leading up to the end.  The end result was the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl over the Seahawks and brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Gillette Stadium!  What a moment to say the least, but to a local fan it was much, much more than that.  Alex, who received many 2014 lacrosse honors for his goal keeping agility & playoff performance, had reached out to me that Sunday with a special order of custom mesh from my website.  Covered in snow from the recent blizzard & plowing duties, he  came by the shop to pick up the pieces personally.  “We live 8 miles apart and with the snow, it would have taken much longer to mail the package, so he offered to come.”  Among those custom pieces, was a USA Argyle dyed piece.  When Alex glazed his eyes on it, “He gave it a good 1000yd stare before asking me, Could you string it up for me in this Rabil?”  My response was sure but I was quickly stopped in my tracks when he asked if I could string it as a Patriots theme.  I knew I had to make this special.  I did not want to do any dye work on the Rabil head, as the mesh (Argyle) is pretty complicated. I felt it would have taken away from the stick.  The rest is history!


I don’t think sentimental is the correct word for this job.  Nick hit this one out of the park, he incorporated all the Patriots colors: red, blue, silver, and white.  Even the titanium shaft which the Rabil head is on was incorporated into the design.  According to Nick, “When it was all done, the titanium shaft resembled the strength of the adversity the Pats had to overcome, as much as it represents the “Blount Force Trauma” that LeGarette Blount gave out game after game for them.”  When the stick was completed, Nick called up Alex.  He asked if he would want it shipped, and Alex quickly responded, “I will be right over.”  As soon as Alex saw his Patriots themed Rabil head he was amazed and did not want to put the stick down.  He was amazed at every piece of detail that was put into the design and that it truly is going on his wall of fame.  As Nick said probably next to his coveted Patriots memorabilia.  After talking with Nick after this project he said, “its so amazing to have an opportunity to help out this MVP caliber goalie, not only as a customer, but as a friend as well.”  Because of Alex’s background as a goalie, Nick assumed he would want goalie mesh, little did he know it would be for a short stick.  I would have to agree with Nick when he mentioned that none of the design comes up “Short” in any means.

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I also had a chance to talk with Alex and get his feedback on the design.  Here are Alex’s thoughts.  “Nick knocked it out, he does some amazing stuff for the lax community as well as local players.  He seemed to know exactly what I wanted and more.  During the process and after he sent me a few pictures to see if I agreed with it.  I just kept telling him, Go with it, Do the DMG Thing!  This will have a special place on my wall, and as much as I want to use the stick I don’t want to get this Beauty dirty.  Its just too clean!”

About DMG Lacrosse

Nick is the founder of DMG Lacrosse; you can find him on Instagram @DMG18T.  He has started to really make a name for himself with his products.  His stuff is always priced very affordable and the quality is up there with the big guys!  If you have not done a Google search for his work or a looked at his YouTube page you might want to take a look.  Year after year there is always something new with Nick’s products and string jobs.  He has sold products to people across the US and Canada.  Nick also continues to create tutorials on his YouTube page, and does anything that he can to help the lacrosse community.  Drop him an email and see what kind of cool stuff he can put in your sticks!