Rukket 6 x 6 Lacrosse Rejector

The Rukket 6 x 6 Lacrosse Rejector is the perfect training tool for any lacrosse player. Whether used on the goal in your backyard or on your teams practice field, it makes for a great training tool.

The lacrosse rejector is not your typical shape. As a lacrosse coach for close to 15 years, my teams have used multiple lacrosse rejectors over the years. We have used ones that are squares, with cutouts; we have used ones that are the shapes of goalies and others that have the oversized cutouts for aiming for the corners and the five hole. The Rukket Lacrosse Rejector is different because it features 8 openings in key scoring areas. Each opening is 5 inches; there are two top corners, two hip openings, a five hole opening, two bottom corners, as well an opening where the goalies head would be.

The Rukket lacrosse rejector uses velcro straps to attach the rejector to any lacrosse goal. There are back up attachments and grommets in the rejector if the velcro straps ever break. There is a bungee cord that runs across the bottom of the rejector with hooks on either side. That bungee cord is used to get the bottom of the rejector tight, which helps with the rigidity of the rejector.

The lacrosse rejector features a rising sun flag design to it. It features red and black, like its 6 x 6 lacrosse goal. There is a big Rukket lacrosse logo in the middle of the lacrosse rejector, as well as the company web address going from the bottom left of the rejector toward the center. It also comes with it’s own mesh drawstring back, which makes it easy to store and transport when not in use.

Overall the Rukket 6 x 6 Lacrosse Rejector is a solid training tool. The openings are in key scoring areas, the velcro straps and the bungee cord help the lacrosse rejector stay rigid while absorbing shots. As a lacrosse coach and former lacrosse player, I highly recommend this product. This product will get use with my high school team this spring. Again, another great lacrosse product from Rukket Sports.