Review of The Epoch Lacrosse FireFly Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Lacrosse keeps turning out great new lacrosse products pretty consistently. This spring is no exception as Epoch has released the FireFly lacrosse shaft. The FireFly lacrosse shaft is trying to get more lacrosse players to try a carbon fiber shaft. The FireFly could be looked at as an entry point into the carbon fiber shafts market. The shaft is priced at $100, which is similar to most alloy lacrosse shafts.

The FireFly is touted as the little brother of the Dragonfly shafts. It features the same grip as the Dragonfly’s, it features the same flex as the Dragonfly’s, as well as a similar shape to the C30. The FireFly has that old school shape like the C30 but it is a little bit rounder. It has a flex of 5, which is in the middle of the road. This makes it a great shaft for either a midfielder or attackman. The shaft is white, with a green stripe along its sides. It has FireFly written on the front side of the shaft, and it features a green butt end which matches the stripe on the FireFly.

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The FireFly shaft performs just like any of the shafts in the Dragonfly line. We have been lucky enough over the years to test a good amount of Epoch products. We tested their Generation 3 and Generation 4 shafts and the FireFly is just as good as all of those other shafts. The only real difference between the FireFly and the Dragonfly line is the price. It is at a lower price point to help lacrosse players make that jump into the world of carbon fiber shafts. If I was a youth or high school player looking to make the jump, I would invest in a FireFly shaft. It is another great product created by Epoch Lacrosse. We highly recommend the Epoch FireFly lacrosse shaft.