Review of Rukket Rip It! Lacrosse Goal

We here at NE Lax Blog were lucky enough to test out some of Rukket Sports lacrosse products. The first product we tested was the Rukket Rip It! Lacrosse Goal. We tested the 6×6 version of this backyard lacrosse goal. When we opened the goal from the box it was easy to assembly. It took no more then 10 minutes to put the goal together. The box included 4 rods, the lacrosse goal with net attached and stakes. The 4 rods were placed in sleeves to create the side pipes, and the bottom pipes. Inside the sleeves were u-joints that the rods fit into. Once the rods were inserted the lacrosse goal was ready to use.

The Rukket Rip It! Lacrosse goal comes in black with red accents. The goal itself is black, the net is white, and the supports for the net are red. The crossbar has written on it, Face Towards Enemy, incase you didn’t know which way the open lacrosse goal should face. The goal has flaps running from the side of the pipes, to the back of the goal on the outside. These flaps help keep the goal upright while shooting on the goal.

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When it is time to head inside or when practice is finished the Rukket Rip It! Lacrosse goal folds up quickly and easily.

Overall the Rukket Rip It! Lacrosse goal is a solid piece of equipment. It is great for a backyard goal and for youth practice. I don’t believe the goal could take the punishment that a high school or college practice might give it. The amount of time it took to put the goal together and fold up to put it away is great. When it folds up it lies flat to be put under a bed, in a garage or even in the trunk of a car. Again, it is a very solid piece of equipment. If you have a young lacrosse player in your family get them the Rukket Rip It! Lacrosse goal so they can practice their shooting in the backyard.