Maverik Mission Shaft Review

Maverik Mission – Attack shaft 30” – Orange

The long awaited (more my procrastination) review of the Maverik Mission attack shaft. I got my hands on this shaft in the beginning of September and haven’t looked back since.

Since I traveled overseas to get my masters at Durham University and coach and play in the Premier North league I’ve been using the shaft almost everyday and haven’t had one issue so far. This past October 31th – November 2nd, I was fortunate enough to tryout for the Irish National Box Lacrosse team. I was skeptical about how the Mission would hold up with countless crosschecks and the beating in box, but it came unmarked and holding quite strong. I have put this shaft through the ringer and cannot say enough positive feedback from Maverik’s Mission shaft.


The appearance of the shaft is big broad lettering of “Mission” stenciled throughout the length of the shaft, with a clean silver background. Towards the butt end there are different lines on where you can adjust the ABE (Adjustable Butt End). Overall the appearance is clean, not to much going on but just the right amount to get their branding across.

The weight of this shaft is unmistakably light. Made from a scandium alloy this shaft has the strength and weight balance to give it an overall great feel. The scandium alloy has been an absolute work force and continues to impress me. There is minimal to no grip, smooth alloy type feel. If you’d prefer grip feel free to add tape and texture to your own needs.

Overall this is a great shaft for the price, durability and weight of the shaft. Retailing at right around $104.99 it is in the middle price range of shafts. If I had to make a comparison, I would compare the Mission to the STX Sci-Ti Pro or Scandium Pro, light and durable. Throw this shaft on your holiday wish list and you won’t be disappointed!

If anyone has the Mission shaft or is looking to get one, please feel free to drop us some questions or comments!