Maverik Tank Review

The Maverik Tank is a defensemen’s dream head, stiff, durable and a great face shape. This head strings up for a nice mid-to-high pocket allowing the defensemen for consistent GB’s and passing.

The wide face shape allows the defender to intercept passes and a GB machine. The scoop of the head is flat, not as defined as most offensive heads. This allows the defender to get low on the ball and scoop the ball into their stick without hesitation. The Tank comes with a Level 5 Bottom rail meaning that the head is meant to string with a mid to high pocket. Giving the defender the hold and feel they need for play. The four support beams on the sidewall give the tank the added support for poke, slap and lift checks. This allows the defender to continue to throw these checks without worrying about the head changing its natural shape. Lastly there are countless sidewall holes to allow the player to string to his liking.

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This head as stated above is true to it’s name is a TANK. Strong, durable, and does not waiver in gameplay. As a defensemen there are heads that have great face shape and then warp over a few months. It’s an ongoing battle, but this Tank holds true to its form and allows you to worry about your game rather than your equipment performing.

The Tank is a universal head that can be used in college or NFHS rules. Pricing in at $89.99, you are paying for an elite defensemen’s head. Maverik did an overall great job with this head and I would highly recommend to any defender serious in their game to pick one of these heads up.

Let us know what you think of the Tank if you are playing with one or are thinking of buying one for this upcoming season!