Review of the Maverik XCEL Shaft

Maverik Lacrosse has released a few new men’s lacrosse shafts this fall. We were able to demo the new XCEL shaft in green along with it’s ABE. The XCEL shaft is a Scandium alloy. This is Maverik’s strongest shaft and it also has an upgraded wall thickness for optimal durability without sacrificing weight. This shaft also features Maverik’s signature shape which we first saw on their Wonderboy shaft year’s ago. The XCEL has TactileGrip, which is a raised 3-D shaft decal for lock-like grip. The TactileGrip is placed strategically on the shaft and it definitely does it’s job.

TactileGrip on the XCel Shaft
TactileGrip on the XCel Shaft

The new line of shaft’s this fall all feature the ABE, adjustable butt end. The ABE is something that we think we revolutionize lacrosse shafts. Having an adjustable butt end allows you to move it up or down the shaft or completely remove it. The ABE is able to be adjusted by a tighten or loosen a screw. The shaft also came with a tool that helps in loosening or tightening the screw on the ABE and it has a philips driver to tighten the screw when attached your lacrosse head to the XCEL or any other Maverik shaft.

The "ABE"
The “ABE”

This is another solid entry in the lacrosse shaft market from Maverik. This builds upon their legacy that was started with the Wonderboy and now continues with the XCEL. The shaft has good weight as well as strength. The XCEL shaft is Maverik’s signature shape which I love. The shape gives a great feel whether passing, catching or cradling. Overall, another solid shaft release from Maverik Lacrosse.

The "ABE" and the tool to adjust the "ABE"
The “ABE” and the tool to adjust the “ABE”