Sit Down with Coast to Coast Lax

We had a chance to sit down with the Coast to Coast Lax Clothing Company as well as check out some of their apparel. We got our hands on a royal colored short sleeve Coast to Coast Lax t-shirt. The first thing we noticed was how soft the t-shirt was. It is like an already broken in t-shirt that you have had for years. It features the company logo on the front in white. The company logo features a traditional strung lacrosse head as well as a surf board.


Here is some information on the guys from Coast to Coast Lax directly from them.

Very simply, we are a couple of guys who love two things, Lacrosse and the Beach. Living this lifestyle, we thought it would be cool to develop a clothing company that represents this Su…weet lifestyle. We thought and hoped others would dig it too so we released and sold our very first Tee (Classic Heathered Grey) June 6th, 2014. We couldn’t have been more Stoked! We wanted Coast to Coast Lax to be different though. We wanted to offer quality clothing not just another Lacrosse Apparel Company. Our goal is always to become our customers favorite Tee, Tank, or Hoodie in their drawer. That’s it! Coast to Coast Lax tees are freaky soft and lightweight. But, at the same time, with the Triblends, they are very durable no matter what you throw at it. They are cool to wear at the beach or to the lacrosse field. We are so stoked for the future and love our Coasters Everywhere. We have sent our shirts across the world…England, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico…to name a few. How Cool is that!

With this Lifestyle, we love to travel always having our stick hanging out of our bag and have a goal to see every Coast. Certainly it’s a lofty goal that will probably never happen, but it’s more fun than trying to hit every Cracker Barrel out there. We are always amazed of how much this great sport of lacrosse is growing world wide. We often find other lax’ers while walking in airports or on foreign beaches. Kids often walk up to us on these beaches just fascinated as we show them how to throw and catch. We want to Grow the Game and do our part. We donate $1 of every sale that goes towards Lacrosse Clubs and equip those kids who wouldn’t be able to play on their own.

The guys from Coast to Coast Lax have also started a Rep Program. The are looking for middle schoolers to college age laxers to help rep and spread the word about Coast to Coast Lax. If interested check out their website for more details. Coast to Coast Lax Rep Program.

They are also looking to offer a new long sleeve tee. You can find more information about the release of their long sleeve tee but only if you are on their E-Coaster List. The E-Coaster List gives you inside information on new releases from Coast to Coast Lax. Also, they plan to offer it to those that are on the E-Coaster List first once the long sleeve tee is released.

Check out our friends at Coast to Coast Lax for some great clothing.