Review of Maverik Lacrosse M3 Glove

Maverik Lacrosse has released a new glove for the upcoming lacrosse season – the M3. The M3’s main features are the Ax Suede, Flowcool and 37.5 Technology. The Ax Suede is used in the Quattro+ Palm; this gives the Quattro+Palm a soft and natural feel. The Quattro+ Palm also allows for a greater feel on your lacrosse handle when playing or shooting. The M3 uses Flowcool venting on the back of the hand, allowing for heat to disburse easily. A new technology used on this glove is 37.5, which captures and releases moisture vapor. This technology will help keep the glove dry while you sweat.

The first thing we noticed when we tried the gloves on were their broken-in feel, meaning they weren’t stiff and required little to no break-in time. The Quattro+ Palm on the M3 gave us good grip as well as good feel when used with our lacrosse handle. The M3 glove also has great protection. When we tested the glove, we took some stick checks on the hands and the glove did well. Like most lacrosse gloves on the market, it is give or take with protection, weight of glove and the feel of the glove. This glove gives great protection, is lightweight without sacrificing protection and has a broken-in feel.

We also tested a goalie version of the M3 glove. The glove has the same amount of protection as a field player’s version, but has the TORGUE Loc. The TORGUE Loc is the re-enforced thumb for the M3 goalie glove. We think the style of the M3 glove is great as well. It features the Maverik logo on the front of the glove as well as on the cuff of the glove. We also liked the velcro on the cuff. The velcro allows the cuff to be adjusted and moved around; another great design idea from the designers at Maverik.

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The M3 glove has lots of areas that can be customized. We tested out custom Major League Lacrosse gloves of the Boston Cannons, Ohio Machine and a goalie glove of the Florida Launch. The color ways and style of those three pairs of gloves were awesome.