2015 Stringing Rules Giving You a Problem, Not Any More!

Many of you players, coaches, and lacrosse stringers in general know, that the transition from HS Lacrosse to College is and has been rough on stringing a great pocket.  Besides not being able to use “U or V” Strings in your stick, and being told that switching to traditional is the only hope to get a great pocket, is now in the past.  You’ve all heard of it, seen it, and 9 times out of 10 have never given it a chance, but the “Iroquois Drop Top-string” is something to very much take serious if your looking for Excellent Hold, Increased Feel, and having your passes/shots be crisper than ever.  I most recently always used the triangle   and a regular mesh pocket, like you have, but with strict rules on how the shooters can be placed, it restricted my abilities to give college players for whom I’ve strung for years, a great pocket to transition to.  If you take your existing mesh, and start the drop top about 1 and 1/2 inches below the scoop, stringing it pretty loose (not too tight), putting equal tension on both sides with 2-3 strong down stretching knots, a few loose “SI” knots, and a loose bottom string, what you GET is, A Dog Walking, High Hold, Sweet release machine!”

There are many tutorials on YouTube, on how to do the topstring, which can be tricky the first few times you may attempt, but it pays off in the end.  Its best to use this theory on X Spec Heads, but it can be done on HS as well, however you might end up with too much hold and the ball will not come out.  Take my stick for example, A Nike Lakota U, something I was about to put in the trash can after many attempts of getting a great pocket with (2) straight shooters only, after putting in the Drop Top, its been my go to stick!  Its so fun and I love showing people how I can pull off so many fakes, and the ball never moves.  100% Legal All around!  As long as you follow these few tips, when stringing it, you will achieve the same results I did, and trust me when I say, will have a real Rip the Duck Pocket!!!!

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* Tie a 9D Topstring about 3-4 holes further down from where you’d start a normal topstring.  If you have a ruler, make sure it does not exceed 2″ from the flap, to the bottom of the scoop (you need to save space for shooters!!)

* STRETCH the FIRST 2-3 holes pretty tight, you can use SI Knots, or regular overhand knots for this, skipping a sidewall hole or two in the process

* When you near the bottom, stack up your si’s, i.e. (1SI,0,0,SI,SI,SI,1 Tie off) Keep the last 2 very loose, the last thing you should do before the bottom string is go through a 10D row, or a single and tie off loose to the bottom.  Skip the next 9D Row, and use your bottom string weaving inside and out of all the 10D cooresponding Row)

* If you do this right. You should have a pretty loose 9D Dropped Top, then putting 2 shooters where you like!  I skipped the next row down (the row directly down from the topstring) and put a straight, skipped the next row and tied another straight.  It makes for a super sweet mid-low shifty pocket, with a visable channel you can see, It might take you a few try’s but if you do expereince issues, you can always contact me or your local string shop and can have it done properly!!

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