Inside The Boards

Box lacrosse is emerging throughout the lacrosse in the United States for many reasons. The proliferation of Canadian players in NCAA competition, the success of the Canadian National team at the World Championships and The NLL are just a few reasons why more lacrosse players are drawn to the box game. Not to mention fast paced physical style the box provides. Inside the Boards is going to provide an in depth look at Box Lacrosse in New England.

The box game is picking up traction in and around the area. The relocated Philly Wings are now the Black Wolves that will call Mohegan Sun its home. The Vermont Voyagers are having success in Canadian SR B circles and have also started a JR program that had a great first season. We are starting to see a couple of high school leagues and tourneys popping up too.

Perhaps the best venue to see box lacrosse in the area is the Boston Box Lacrosse League. Randy Fraser and Chuck Jaffe run an extremely well organized league that features top end talent. MLL players like Dave Lawson, Will Manny, Marty Bowes among others all are active players. The Vermont Voyagers are also well represented with Brandon Dube and perhaps the best US box goalie in Joe Evans. The league plays on Tuesday evenings starting in late September. If you are around Hingham check out some great action, there is also a skybox bar that serves adult beverages. Give them a follow on Twitter @bostonboxlax.

As far as NLL goes, hopefully the Black Wolves are going to have success at Mohegan Sun. They were very active in their first draft picking up Mark Cockerton with the sixth pick in draft. In addition they also picked up a number of players from the powerful Six Nations Arrows JR A team as well. There are also holdovers from Philly, Kevin Crowley has the ability to be one of the top righty’s in the league. Joel White and Mike Manley are two US players that are intriguing defensive players. Manley was the top defenseman in MLL this summer let’s see if he can bring his toughness and shutdown ability to the NLL.


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