Epoch Lacrosse Hawk Head Review

A new entry into the lacrosse head market is the Hawk by Epoch Lacrosse. The Hawk was a collaboration with Epoch Lacrosse and Flip Naumburg (for those that don’t know, Flip was the long- time coach at Colorado State and one of the founders of the Vail Lacrosse Tournament). The Hawk head is designed around the pocket; it will give you a mid/high pocket when strung. After stringing up the Hawk, I can attest that it does give you a mid/high pocket. The head is offset, but not like traditional offset heads. The design of the offset is what helps create that mid/high pocket when strung. The sidewall of the Hawk is shorter as you approach the throat of the head, and regular-sized or slightly bigger towards the top of the head near the scoop. Having the sidewalls different sizes helps create that mid/high pocket.


The Epoch Lacrosse Hawk head is made in the USA. The head was created with Epoch’s proprietary composite injected polymer. The composite injected polymer has UV protection, which provides the Hawk with strength and durability. This also allows the head to deliver maximum energy transfer for improved velocity in all climate conditions. The Hawk head has a Flex IQ of 5; just like Epoch’s lacrosse handles, which all have Flex IQ numbers, the Hawk is no stranger.


We received our Epoch Hawk just before the start of the Vikings Lax Camp. I strung up the Hawk the night before camp started with Otter Mesh and put it on my Gen 4 Dragonfly C30 handle. My first impression of the Hawk when strung was that the pocket was definitely a mid/high pocket. The ball sat just below the shooters, and it made it extremely easy to pass. My first pass with the Hawk made it seem like I had used this head for an entire season. The ball came off the top lace just as I like it. The Hawk has a little flex, and I believe that it helps when shooting. From the very beginning when using this head, all of my shots were accurate and on target. When passing and catching, the Hawk was awesome. All of the campers and my fellow counselors kept asking what head it was. They all also couldn’t wait to try it out. Everyone said the same thing; it had a smooth release and the ball sat just where you wanted it to. Everyone at camp was impressed with the Hawk.


After using the Hawk all week at the Vikings Lax Camp, we were impressed with it. We believe that this head is great and it could be a game changer in the lacrosse world. Epoch definitely did their research in designing the Hawk and created a great lacrosse head. If you are an attackman or a midfielder who loves a mid/high pocket, go out and purchase the Hawk; you won’t be disappointed.