STX K18 Gloves Review

As a blogger for NE Lax Blog, we were able to product-test the new K18 line by STX. I had my son test out the K18 gloves that we received; he wore them to lacrosse practice as well as shooting in the backyard.

As a consumer of lacrosse equipment, the first thing I liked about the K18 glove is the price. On a popular yet un-named lax site, it retails for about $99. It comes in about $79 less than the STX Stallion glove, which looks to be STX’s number one glove right now.

The second thing I like about the K18 glove is that it is a solid color, very clean looking, and not too flashy. Like most gloves on the market, it has a tight fit that allows for good mobility. In addition, the gloves were not stiff coming directly out of the box.


The only negative aspect about the K18 gloves is the material. It has more of a cloth feel and I prefer the leather (or fake leather) like some of the other gloves on the market. That is why I feel it is coming in at the $99 price point.

In conclusion, I would say the new K18 gloves are a good, functional, no non-sense glove. It would work best for a middle school or high school player whose parents do not feel the need to be dropping $175 on a pair of lax gloves. The K18 gloves can do the trick just as well, at an affordable price.

Features of the K18 glove:

-Enhanced finger protection

-Snug fit with a smooth, full nash palm

-Specially designed to offer 360° wrist mobility

-Comes in five colors (black, white, navy, red, and royal)

-Design of the K18 glove was inspired by Kyle Harrison

-Custom K18 details