Review of STX K18 U Head and Handle

STX K18 U Head

The new STX K18 U lacrosse head design was inspired by Johns Hopkins legend, Kyle Harrison. The lacrosse head is universal, which means it is both NCAA & NFHS legal. The K18 U was designed for the intermediate player, but can be used by lacrosse players at all levels. Watching lacrosse this spring at both the high school and college level, I have seen a few K18 Us out there on the field. 


The K18 U lacrosse head was created with the patented dual shot material process. It also has rubber near the throat of the head, as well as at the top of the head inside both sidewalls. The rubber acts as a damper when catching the lacrosse ball. The K18 U is a stiff head; it doesn’t have much flex to it, which is nice. It has a good catching area and the top of the head is a little wider than most STX heads; but again, it is designed for the intermediate lacrosse player. The big catching area allows for easier catching and throwing. The K18 U also features two screw holes on the throat of the lacrosse head, as well as the STX Forward Cant. The STX Forward Cant “pushes the ball to the sweet spot to provide a quicker release and better ball feel.” It also has multiple stringing holes, which allows for a wide range of pockets to be placed in the K18 U lacrosse head.

Overall, the K18 U lacrosse head is a very solid head. We tested red and white versions and were impressed with the attention to detail put into it. Definitely this lacrosse head will be a great beginner head for any first-year lacrosse player. It is also solid enough to be used at the high school and college-levels. Great job by Kyle Harrison and STX on the K18 U lacrosse head.


STX K18 Handle 

The new STX K18 handle is a 7075 series alloy. It makes this handle great for the intermediate player. This is the perfect handle to match with the K18 U lacrosse head. It features custom K18 details and graphics and has a smooth finish. It also has a concave octagon shape. The concave octagon shape is similar to old-school shaped STX lacrosse handles. The handle is lightweight and has strength to it. We tested a black K18 version, and were very impressed. The whole K18 line is geared towards the intermediate lacrosse player, and this gear is great for them. The handle is solid and looks good, while being a great handle. Any skill level of lacrosse player, not just the intermediate lacrosse player, can use this handle. Overall, we would highly recommend the STX K18 handle as well as the K18 U lacrosse head. They are a great combination for any lacrosse player.