Early Season Struggles

The college season is underway, but that doesn’t stop Mother Nature from getting in our way. As an assistant coach for a D3 university in the northeast, I hope the weather holds out for us every year around this time. This year Mother Nature has not been so kind. We are three weeks into the season and we finally got out to practice/ scrimmage on a field. Due to a foot of snow/ice on our home field we have been stuck inside gyms and small turf fields. For the first week or two this is fine, but once we get into sets and spreading out, we are quite limited.

The first time on the field this year was this past weekend where we had a scrimmage against two teams. It took some adjusting for the players to get the feel of live game experience as well as having a full field to work with. No longer were the bleachers and walls an obstacle. We played well for the limited amount of time on a field, being able to spread the ball around and use the tight practice quarters to our advantage with quick passes. This Saturday will be our first game of the season if the weather holds up, lets hope mother nature has bid farewell to the cold and is bringing us some Spring weather.