Cold Weather Lacrosse Head Problems

We play lacrosse in a time where lacrosse heads are made of plastic. These heads are our weapons, but they can also be our enemy if they do not perform as we had hoped or if they fail us and break. During this lovely below freezing temperature we are having in the northeast, heads can break by catching a pass or a simple check. This can be devastating to a player in the middle of practice or game if one is ill prepared.

Here is a HUGE recommendation that every player should try and follow: make sure to have 2 heads that are strung the same way. If possible 2 of the same head so the transition from one to the other is seamless. A player of mine broke his head mid practice yesterday by catching a pass in below freezing temperature. The sidewall snapped close to the bottom of the head. He was of course devastated because this was his gem, I quickly told him my recommendation and the rule I live by. With no back up he had to borrow one of his teammates. Yes, it’s the wizard not the wand, but getting used to a new head and stringing style on the fly is something you do not want to worry about in the middle of practice or a game.

For any player on a budget that is having a hard time getting a second head or 2 of the same head, here is your possible solution. The Gait Torque 3, I’d only recommend it for mids and attackmen. is selling them for $29.99!! Talk about a deal! So get out there and play some lax, but make sure you have a backup twig that you can rely on!