The Face Off Specialist: Tools of the Trade you might overlook!

The most unique position of lacrosse these days arguably is the Face Off Specialist, also referred to as the Face Off Get Off Person, or a better phrase, the Draw Man. Recently this position has sprung more interest and in the past has been an over looked position. It used to be a position for that kid who is sitting on the bench too much, or for that player who just doesn’t quite fit in on the field in a traditional position. I have seen a drastic movement of players starting lacrosse that are asking their coaches if they can take the draws. Why not, more face off wins means more possessions, hence more opportunities to score for that team. A good lacrosse player will know that its lacrosse player first, specialty second, but maybe not?

Kevin Massa, who is a junior at Bryant, broke 3 single season face off records last spring. In a 1st round NCAA tournament game he went 22/23 against Syracuse, which was very impressive. A guy like Brendan Fowler, a senior at Duke, went up against 5-6 different Orangemen in the 2014 National Title game. Syracuse kept tossing guys in the face off X because Fowler couldn’t stop winning face offs, and he was giving Duke more opportunities to score. Duke ended up winning the 2014 DI National Championship. If you’re curious on his weapon of choice, it’s just a simple Clutch X head by Brine. If you happen to be a face off guy and are looking this year to improve your game by finding a great face off head, and still being able to play midfield and shoot, here is some great info.

Massa vs Syracuse
Massa vs Syracuse

Most people will tell you that baking; steaming, or otherwise altering the plastic is OK. I am hear to tell you it is wrong, and it voids your warranty. But you shouldn’t worry because all these heads come with a 6 month warranty.

Top 5 Face Off Weapons for 2014:

#5 The Reebok 9K Career (Used last year by the top indoor box lacrosse players, the head is shaped well, and flexes a good amount.)

#4 The Warrior RABIL NEXT (Made for players just learning lacrosse, the NEXT complete stick is a winner, its flexible, X-Spec and comes in under 85$.)

#3 The Tribe 7 GHOST 7 (A weird looking head that’s gone viral as being virtually indestructible never breaks or snaps, it’s a bit on the finesse side of flex so if you are fast and like to pinch and pop quick this is the head for you.)

#2 The STX Super Power (Its been in the game for a long time, opened sidewalls and easy to flex put this undoubtedly at number 2 for sure.)

#1 The Warrior NOZ (This is the most popular by far, its light, flared to give an advantage, its hollowed out sidewalls provide easy maneuvering, bottom line the number 1 choice among HS and College/Professional Players.)

Photo courtesy, Dick Blume

This article was written by DMG Mesh founder Nick.