What We Are Looking For in 2014

New College Lacrosse Teams

This spring will make the first season of varsity lacrosse for Boston University, Furman, Monmouth, and Richmond at the Division I level. While at the Division III level in New England Albertus Magnus, and Johnson & Wales will play their first varsity seasons. We loving seeing new teams add lacrosse. It seems like for the past few years we have had at least 2 or 3 teams add lacrosse. Love seeing the growth of the game.

New Conferences

At the Division III level there will be a couple of new conferences in New England. The New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) will sponsor lacrosse this spring. This will be the first spring since 2004 that the NEWMAC is sponsoring men’s lacrosse. The NEWMAC will be taking in the teams from the Pilgrim League which was a lacrosse only conference, because the NEWMAC didn’t sponsor men’s lacrosse. The NEWMAC will include the Massachusetts Maritime Academy which is an associate member and it also added Emerson as a full time member which will give the men’s lacrosse league 7 teams, which gives it an automatic qualifier for the 2014 season.

The New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) will sponsor lacrosse this spring as well. They had a league championship last spring but most teams were still part of other lacrosse conferences. This spring the NECC will feature Becker, Daniel Webster, Mitchell Regis and Wheelock in 2014.

New Gear

The pictures are already hitting the Internet. The gloves and helmets are making there way into coaches and players hands as we await the start of the 2014 season. We have seen uniform mock-ups, we have seen apparel mock-ups and everything looks great. It seems like every year teams just keep pushing the envelope.

Year Two With the New NCAA Rules

Last spring we saw new NCAA rules for game play and lacrosse pockets. We saw how teams adapted and capitalized on those new rules during the season. It will be interesting in year two to see how teams have made adjustments to the rules. They now have a season under their belts using the new rules and now they should be able to better adjust their game plans and their teams heading into year two. We have also seen that stringer’s have adjusted to the new lacrosse pocket rules. I am sure this spring they will be pushing the envelope will the legality of their pockets once again. We are also looking to see if the new rules have affected recruiting at all. Meaning teams are looking to recruit two-way players, since the rules favor two-way players. It will be interesting to see.

Can’t wait for the 2014 season to start, let’s just get rid of this snow in New England first.