DMG Fall Foliage Mesh Review

A while back I had the chance to sit down and talk with Nick who runs DMG Mesh ( We talked about his mesh, lacrosse and the future plans for DMG Mesh. He also gave us a few pieces of mesh. I did an early review of DMG’s white mesh, and now we are going to give our review of DMG’s Fall Foliage mesh.


The Fall Foliage Mesh from DMG is a Volt to Orange fade. The colors go very well together and it definitely reminds me of fall in New England. The mesh that DMG starts with is Stringer Shack Ultralight mesh. He dyed the mesh, then he coated the mesh with DMG’s special wax coating. There is minimal break in with the DMG Mesh. I just simply stretched the mesh out, then began to string it up. The Fall Foliage Mesh was put into the Metrik which we got from Maverik. The Orange was strung at the top with the Volt at the bottom. The fade on the mesh is right where my last shooting string is located in my pocket. At times the fade can be used as a guide where shooters can be strung. Again, it depends on how you like your shooters strung in your pocket. I am old-school in that I like to start my nylon 3 rows from the top, then I skip a row and put in a hockey lace, skip a row and put in another hockey lace or a U. This fade in the Fall Foliage Mesh, works for the type of pocket I like to string.

After stringing the pocket I tested it out. It threw great only after pounding and stretching the pocket for a bit. The release was smooth, there was no rattle when the ball was in the pocket being cradled. This is how mesh should be, it should be able to be strung, broken in and used in the same day. I am glad that we now have mesh that can be game ready in the same day. I still remember hard mesh from when I played in college, and it would take weeks to break in. We would be using WD-40, water, shaving cream, etc., trying to break the pocket in. Lacrosse players now a days have it easy.

If you want to get some mesh from DMG Mesh check out his website: We highly recommend it.