Cascade R Helmet Review

During the NCAA tournament last spring a few of the teams were wearing a new Cascade helmet. The helmet that those teams were wearing was the new Cascade R. The helmet was officially released this summer, but the NCAA teams got a sneak peek this past spring. We can only imagine from seeing the pictures on Cascade’s Twitter and Instagram feeds that a lot of NCAA teams, across all divisions, will be wearing the Cascade R in 2014. We were lucky enough to get a Casade R from Cascade.

Syracuse vs Yale 2013 NCAA'S Photo courtesy Ben Mackey
Syracuse vs Yale 2013 NCAA’S
Photo courtesy Ben Mackey

The Cascade R features tons of new technology. The new helmet features a Super Mono R shell and R series components. The R has a one piece shell and visor, by having that one piece shell and visor it creates a more rigid system to better manage frontal impacts. The Super Mono R shell we feel gives the helmet a distinct look while also giving it a mean look. It also features R series components, which includes a new look chin and mask. The chin goes up the jaw and past the ear, this helps in adding rigidity to the helmet. The mask for the Cascade R has also been redesigned to help with sight lines and reduced weight. The Cascade R also features a Dual Liner System: Seven Technology and poronXrd. Seven Technology is a liner system that helps in impacts to the helmet. The Seven Technology helps displace the energy of impacts and then resets itself for the next impact. While the poronXrd is a foam inside of of the liner system. The poronXrd helps dissipate linear force from low energy impacts as well as providing comfort. The Cascade R also features the Hardtail SPRfit which we saw in last years CPX-R. The Hardtail SPRfit allows the helmet to adjusted whenever needed.

When we first took the helmet out of the box we couldn’t help but notice the look of the helmet. The R just looked like a mean helmet. The addition of the new chin and mask add to the helmets look. The customization options for this helmet is just like any other Cascade helmet. The SuperMono R shell comes in 16 colors plus a few matte colors, the visor decal and chin come in the same colors. When ordering the helmet you are able to select a either a MoHawk, vent or back panel decal, as well as a colored chin strap. Cascade just keeps raising the bar on customization and safety. The helmet itself has a great fit. The helmet fits snug and is comfortable. Beside the Hardtail SPRfit the R also comes with extra jaw pads. Changing up the jaw pads gives the helmet a custom fit for everyone, no matter what size head you have. The new mask gives the Cascade R great sight lines. Overall we were very impressed with the new Cascade R and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new helmet.

The R helmet marks the most advanced impact management system Cascade has ever created. The dual SevenTech™ and Poron®XRD™ liner system addresses both high and low energy impacts. A HardTail SPRfit™ system, combined with custom jaw pad options, gets you dialed into a 360-degree fit with micro-adjustment on the fly. The exclusive SuperMonoTM R Shell, R-Series chin and mask stretches your periphery while creating a more rigid system for frontal impact management. An aggressive design that is distinctively Cascade, The R conveys speed, power, and performance.

Another milestone in the winning history of Cascade.


Based in Liverpool, NY, Cascade has a celebrated and rich history of delivering revolutionary technology, unrivaled player experiences and 360 degree innovation to the lacrosse community and beyond. Cascade was founded in 1986 and acquired by Bauer Performance Sports, Ltd. in June 2012. As a leader in sports equipment, the company has pioneered advances in head protection beginning with its very first sport helmet for lacrosse. Today, Cascade continues this tradition by routinely adding to its long list of game-changing transformations in safety, comfort and performance. Proud partnerships include 16 NCAA Champions since 1995, Major League Lacrosse and dozens of NHL players who choose Cascade Sports technology. The company delivers innovative high performance headgear to lacrosse, ice hockey, field hockey, swift water rescue and white water sport markets. Learn more Bauer Performance Sports, Ltd. is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BAU) whose affiliates market products under the BAUER, MISSION, MAVERIK, CASCADE and INARIA brands.

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