Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Women’s Handles

We got a chance to review a couple of Epoch Lacrosse’s women’s Dragonfly Gen 4 handles. They sent us a Dragonfly WS32 and a Dragonfly WT32; both were different, but yet had the same basic make-up.

The Dragonfly Gen 4 WS32 is a women’s handle designed for the offensive player. The “S” in the name stands for “slim.” The handle is a lot slimmer compared to other women’s handles on the market. The WS32 features a rubbery-type feel to it, or as Epoch calls it, “soft touch grip.” The “soft touch grip” gives the handle a great feel; and because of this, gloves may not be required when using this handle. The handle we tested was silver; the Dragonfly women’s line comes in either black or silver, just like the men’s Dragonfly line.


The same technology used to create the men’s Dragonfly line is used in the women’s line as well. The flex IQ of the WS32 is a 6, which is closer to the softer side of the flex scale. The handle has some give to it, but not too much. The handle is also constructed using Epoch’s ACL technology (Advanced Carbon Layering.) Again, it has all the same bells and whistles as the men’s Dragonfly line, but it was created for the women’s game. The WS32 has a plastic sleeve at the top of the handle about 2 inches from the top. This piece is used to help attach a head to the handle due to its slimmer size.

The Dragonfly Gen 4 WT32 is a women’s handle designed for all players, both offensive and defensive. The “T” in the name stands for “three.” The WT32 combines three geometries: slim, concave and tear drop. It is tear drop shaped at the bottom half of the handle, slim about a quarter of the way down and then concave at the top. It has a great feel due to the three different geometries; this is what allows this handle to be used by multiple players at multiple positions. The WT32 handle has the same “soft touch grip” as the WS32 handle.

WT32 Can you see the three geometries??
Can you see the three geometries??

Again, the same technology used in the men’s Dragonfly line is used in the women’s Dragonfly line. The WT32 has a 6 on the Flex IQ scale. This gives the handle some flexibility, but not too much. It is also built using Epoch’s ACL technology.

Overall the WS32 and WT32 are solid women’s lacrosse handles; we would recommend these to any women lacrosse players looking to upgrade their lacrosse handle. According to Epoch Lacrosse, these handles are “specifically tailored to your needs, providing the feel you’re looking for in a lightweight shaft designed for the elite player.” Their mission was to create a high-quality women’s handle; they didn’t want to “shrink it and pink it” as they say on their website. We feel that they have accomplished their mission; they have created a high-quality women’s handle. We can’t wait to see them used on the field this spring.