Maverik Metrik Review

This fall, we got to test and review some new products from Maverik Lacrosse. We got to test the new Metrik head as well as the new Rome NXT gloves. Here is our review of the new Maverik Metrik head.

The first thing about the Metrik, which we liked, is that the head was made in the United States. Most lacrosse heads aren’t made in the United States; they are usually made in Canada. It is always nice to see a lacrosse head made here in the United States. According to Maverik, “the Metrik is Maverik R&D’s most innovative head development to date.” The boys over at Maverik have seemed to put a lot into the new Metrik head and it shows.

Front View
Front View

When I first took the Metrik out of the box, I noticed the stiffness of the lacrosse head. That stiffness is what Maverik calls True Form Technology. They use True Form Technology to increase the head’s stiffness and durability. Maverik has also re-engineered the sidewalls, which provides increased stiffness as well. The Metrik features a Level 3 Bottom Rail, which according to Maverik, “offers the perfect blend of accuracy and power for the all-around player.” As an offensive-minded player, this lacrosse head lives up to the technology and time put into its development.

The new Metrik also features a Dual Design Scoop. Maverik’s definition of a Dual Design Scoop is the following, “rounded outer scoop for ground balls, pointed inner scoop creates a more channeled pocket for improved accuracy.” While testing this head, I can verify that the new inner scoop does help in creating a channel in the pocket. Another piece that helps create the channel in the pocket is the 17 stringing holes on either side of the Metrik. These 17 holes are a stringer’s dream. We strung our Metrik with a two-tone DMG mesh; more on that later.

Overall, the Metrik is a solid lacrosse head. We tested a NFHS version of the Metrik; at first I thought it seemed a bit pinched, but compared to other NFHS heads, it was the same. The throat of the head seemed short, but once it was on a handle it was fine. The weight of the head is great; for a head that is stiff it isn’t heavy. This is definitely a head that can be used at multiple positions. The stiffness and durability would make it great for defensemen and midfielders. I also think that attackmen will like it due to the Dual Design Scoop. This just allows for a nice channeled pocket to form. The time and effort that Maverik’s R&D put into the Metrik is well worth it. This is a very solid lacrosse head and a lacrosse head that we highly recommend.