Warrior Revo 3X Review

I recently got my hands on the Revo 3X and had the opportunity to try it out. This head is built for a defensemen in mind. With college specs, a wide face, and thick reinforced sidewall, it’s a defensemen’s dream. Since playing defense in college, I’m always skeptical of heads and the durability of them. By throwing countless poke, slap, and lift checks a player wants their head to withstand these checks. The Revo 3X is the top level defensemen’s head.


The Revo 3X has multiple stringing holes, giving the player the option of how they would like their pocket. Also, it comes with two screw holes to match up with the majority of handles. With a large flat scoop this head is a GB machine. My favorite part of the head has to be how strong it is. I played with different D heads prior and they all seem to fall apart (warp and get soft) by mid season. I think the Revo 3X will be able to stand that time and more due to how strong and durable the head is. Just by looks the head is reinforced along the sidewall and down near the throat where heads usually break the most for defensive players.


I strung this head up with a mid-to-low pocket with a good amount of hold and a tiny bit of whip. I locked in mesh the entire way down the head with an SI knot. I’ve been doing this ever since college with my d heads. I felt that it gave the mesh more consistent throws without having to continue to readjust the pocket. With two straight shooters at the top it gives for a nice smooth and accurate release.


Overall I’d highly recommend this head for any defensemen in high school or college. With a price range in the high $80’s to low $90’s it’s definitely worth it. If you have the Revo 3X or are thinking of getting one, let us know what you think!