Epoch Dragonfly C32B Gen 4 – Box Shaft

Epoch was nice enough to send me the Dragonfly C32B box shaft to demo out. I’ve played with last years and model and that withstood the test of time through a whole box season and still going strong. The Gen 4 model did not disappoint in the least. With a more sturdy and grip texture feel, “slip/grip”, to the Gen 4 it has a great balance from top to bottom. The nicely complementing sand paper feel is not over powering, but gives the shaft a nice feel. Tape would not be needed for the player, only if it was superstition or hand placement (I taped mine for hand placement).


Similar to last years version it has a nice clean look with simple graphics. This year they bolded the Dragonfly for the consumer to see. Foam is inserted in the top of the shaft to help reduce with the spinning “stripping” of screw holes.

The shaft is “Developed for the Box player, offering a stiffer construction that is 2” longer and designed to give/receive more abuse.” With a material of composite and carbon fiber it has a solid and balanced feel throughout. The C32B has an A.C.L. Technology, Advanced Carbon Layering, which allows Epoch to control the overall performance of the shaft by layering the carbon fiber in a particular way. This in turn gives the C32B a nice concave feel to the shaft, a uniformed release point, and a Flex IQ of 2. To some this might sound like gibberish, but it means that the C32B is a stiff and durable shaft that has concave edges and a balanced feel.


The C32B shaft definitely out did last years model. I put it to the test in numerous box games and it’s still holding strong. This shaft is great for any box player looking for a strong, durable shaft to withstand countless cross checks. Pricing in around $130, it’s well worth the money. If you play with an Epoch shaft or are thinking of picking one up, maybe the C32B, let us know what you think!