Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly C30 Review

Here is our first of many reviews of the new Gen 4 line of Epoch Dragonfly handles. We will start with the Dragonfly C30. This is a handle that has an old school shape, or by modern standards concave. The handle fits very nicely in your hands. The handle itself has a little grip on it, I think it is less then last years models. Epoch calls the grip a “slip grip”. I like the grip personally, I am not a big fan of tape on my handle. I usually tape at the bottom of the handle up about 3 inches. The slip grip on the Dragonfly handles is great and they work in bad weather as well. I used this handle at an end of summer tournament as well as my college alumni game in the fall and the grip was great. It works well in the heat and the cool fall nights of New England.

The Flex IQ of the C30 is a 5, which places it right in the middle of their 1-10 scale. Even though the handle has a Flex IQ of 5, I could definitely feel the handle flex a bit when passing and especially when shooting. The flex isn’t over powering but it was there and noticeable. The Dragonfly C30 I tested was the color black with a lime green stripe. The Gen 4 line comes in silver and black. The handle has minimum logos just the words Dragonfly C30, and Epoch’s motto Live.Play.Be.

The Dragonfly C30 handle is great, and it can take punishment. It took a few good whacks and has no dings or dents. Over the past few years I have grown to like the composite handles. They are lighter at times then some metal/aluminum handles and sometimes even stronger. I like where Epoch is going with their handles and we highly recommend this handle especially if you are a midfielder or attack.